28.10.2013 Alistair Morrell

Alistair shakes his arms out and turns to the camera. As I position myself to catch the best light he talks about his recent achievements. One week prior to our shoot, he had taken first place in his first bodybuilding competition, the International Natural Bodybuilding Association ACT Physique titles. It's a massive reward for Alistair, who has been so focused on his fitness in the past year.

In the coming week Alistair would be competing in the national physique titles. Encouraged by his debut success, Alistair is even more determined to place at the national event. There have been challenges to overcome in preparation for the comp. Most difficult was a knee injury.

"During my off-season I suffered a knee injury which prevented me from training legs properly. About eight weeks out from the first comp I started intensive training of my legs to make up for lost time. From now, there are only minor improvements I've set out to work on."

"The hardest part of comp preparation is diet. It's so crucial to success but so easy to be tempted by naughty food. I try my best to have meals ready to eat so I don't find myself scavenging for food in the fridge. Coming close to competition I have to be really strict, which becomes a real mental battle.

The battle has had wide-ranging benefits for Alistair, who is an ardent advocate for good nutrition and fitness.

"It's amazing how much fitness has improved my regular functionality. I find myself more productive with better time management and more energy. I am happier from having a purpose and working hard towards it. I am also healthier, I rarely get sick and when I do, I feel like I am back fighting fit in no time."

In the week following our shoot Alistair went on to place 2nd in the INBA National Physique titles.Looking forward to his future competitions, Alistair is cautious about becoming complacent.

"There is a very powerful saying that I repeat to myself almost every day: 'Be proud but never satisfied.' I'm thrilled that I have done so well in my first year. Now I have set my sights higher, aiming next year to compete internationally."